Monday's Falls

Monday Falls

Eco Adventure and Paraguay Falls. Yes! We also have waterfalls in Paraguay, these are the Monday Falls, located just 9 km from the micro center of Ciudad del Este. This is the newest tourist complex in our region offering entertainment options for all ages and with different difficulty levels. The Park has an area of ​​70,000 square meters.
The main attraction, no doubt, is the water. Whether because of the set of falls, the Monday River, the 20 springs, the Guava Lagoon or the beautiful stream that ends its course in a waterfall accessible to all. The word Monday (read mon-da-ee) means “strong watercourse” in the Guarani language, the local native language.
The complex Parque Aventura Monday has ample parking, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a park with activities for children, zip lines, rappelling, rafting, archery and various hiking options, not to mention a swing for all ages overlooking the falls.

What is included in the entrance ticket:
- Access to two belvederes: the Paraguay Falls Belvedere and the Vencejos Belvedere (black swallow bird).
- Six trails: the Belvedere Trail, the Virgin of Fatima Sanctuary Trail, the Sounds of Water Trail, the Sunrise Trail, the Forest Trail, and the Inclusive Trail.
- Kayak crossing in the Guava Lagoon.
- Playground.
- Hummingbird Station.
- Access to the restaurant, located within the park facilities.
- Toilets (one at the entrance and another in the restaurant).
- Wi-Fi

Monday Falls Main Attractions
- Archery Station: Archery with darts and blowpipes.
- Nautical Station: Rafting (descent of about 6.5 km by the Monday River).
- Rappelling: Descending through a rocky wall of over 30 meters and with brook waterfalls.
- Zip Line: 275 meters long, ending 80 meters from Monday Falls. (Recommended!)
- Guarani Crossing: consists of steps descending through the vegetation, reaching the riverbed Monday where spectacular views await you. (Recommended!)
- The Arborism Circuit: it has obstacles, bridges and nets to climb.

How to organize a visit to the Monday Falls?
When to go: The best time of year to visit Monday Falls Park is undoubtedly in summer, when the volume of the river is very high and allows for an incredible view of the waterfalls.
Visiting time varies. You would need at least one hour to see the falls. But if you are going to do the other activities, you can spend a good amount of time there.
How to get there: A practical way to go is to hire an agency or taxi transfer service. Another way to get to Monday Falls Park is by car; it is more practical, and the place has parking.
Documents: Bring identity and other personal documents.

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