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In the streets of Ciudad del Este, Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazú, we meet people from all over the world, who live here or are just travelling. Along with this multiculturalism, the rich nature invites us for incredible walks through the Atlantic Forest. In addition to the natural works, the great engineering works enchant us for their structure and show the union of peoples. With this diverse influence, it is very easy to experience different adventures in the cities of these three countries. There are activities for all tastes, from lovers of fauna and flora, to lovers of architecture, technology and good gastronomy.

We can experience this connection by crossing the Friendship and the Fraternity Bridges or even by observing the meeting of the Iguaçu and the Paraná River. The proximity to other countries is impressive. The incredible sense of cultural immersion contaminates the visitor, who can experience new tastes and accents, savoring typical foods or risking speaking Portuguese and Spanish while making new friends. These are experiences full of energy and a lot of history.

The varied shopping options in malls in the region allow the visitor to unveil new technologies, with quality products that follow worldwide trends and important releases. The corridors of the malls of the three countries invite for an unforgettable walk between renowned brands in comfortable and safe environments.

During your stay at Destination Iguassu, it is possible to complete the itinerary with different activities for all ages and styles. In addition to the known attractions, throughout the year there are events in various segments, attracting specific audiences. In addition to the events that are already part of an annual calendar, there are attractions, concerts, congresses and seminars that move the Trinational Region every month.

Among radical adventures, contact with nature, shopping, technologies, buildings and gastronomy, there will certainly be no lack of options to compose your experience here.

Three Borders Illuminated


With a strategic location and a unique geographical formation, Destination Iguassu invites us to unusual programs, such as observing the meeting of two rivers and three countries. In addition to the incredible Iguazu Falls, the...



In addition to events that are part of an annual calendar, such as local fairs and festivities, there are shows, congresses, seminars and attractions that take place at Destination Iguassu throughout the year. These are activities...

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