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Puerto Iguazu in 1 Day

Puerto Iguazú is just 20 minutes from downtown Foz do Iguaçu and has many attractions of experience, gastronomy, shopping and contemplation.

10:00 am - Duty Free

Duty Free

Puerto Iguazú's Duty Free is one of the largest in the world (10,000 m²) and is located just before reaching Argentine Customs. There you can shop quietly in an air-conditioned environment with separate sessions by category. The perfumery part draws attention by the variety of brands. You can also find different types of products such as drinks, clothes, glasses, makeup and more. Hours: from 10h to 21h


12 pm - Argentina Falls / 9 am if not shopping

Tourist at Falls
Let's start the day at the Falls on the Argentine side (if you want to know Duty Free, we recommend before the Falls because it is located before customs). If it is a weekend or a holiday, it is advisable to leave the hotel early as you will be able to catch a short line in the Customs of Argentina. Remember not to forget your ID or passport.

Arriving at the Iguazú Falls there are two options on the route: the Ecological Train or the Green Path.

The first option is a rail vehicle developed exclusively for the ride. With open wagons, the train holds up to 250 passengers, and maintains extensive contact with nature. Transport goes through Cataratas Station and Devil's Throat Station. In the first station the visitor can choose to make the upper circuit. On the walk it is possible to have a vertical view at the height of the falls. In the second station, the visitor will walk a 1100-meter path totally above the river to one of the most impressive sights of the attraction: the Devil's Throat.

The second option is a trail through the woods. In it, the visitor can easily walk to the railroad of Cataratas Station. Throughout the course you can see, besides vegetation, birds, coatis and monkeys.

Opening hours (Argentinian Time): 8h to 18h (Including Sundays and Holidays)

Website: http://www.iguazuargentina.com/

4:30 pm - Downtown and Vinoteca

We recommend these times, because Argentines usually have a siesta after lunch. Walk through the center of Puerto Iguazú and go to Feirinha. It's a simple place, but full of tasty little things like alfajores and empanadas. If you like wines, we recommend Vinoteca ODA (www.odavinoteca.com.ar) with great wines from all over the world, especially Argentines.

5:30 pm - Costanera + Three Borders Landmark

Marca das Tres Fronteiras
Walking the Costanera at the end of the day is a pleasant experience and has a great view of the Iguazu River. After a short walk, you will reach the Argentine Three Borders Landmark with a view of the meeting of the Paraná and Iguaçu rivers, as well as the landmarks of Brazil and Paraguay.

7:00 pm - Dinner (3 dining options) or Argentine Experience

For dinner we recommend the restaurants El Quincho del Tio Querido, AQVA and La Rueda. If you prefer an experience option we recommend The Argentine Experience. Do not forget to make your reservation.

9:30 pm - Ice Bar Iguazú

Ice Bar Iguazu
With a temperature of -10 ° C, the visitor needs to wear coats and gloves, offered by the Ice Bar itself. In the first step it is mandatory to stay for a few minutes in a slightly cooler room, to gradually get accustomed while the others are ironed. instructions. After that, you enter the bar and the fun begins! With walls, sculptures, glasses made of ice, drinks and lively music are all part of the experience. The stay is 30 minutes and is open bar during this period.

Opening hours: 14h to 00h (Including Sundays and Holidays)


Three Borders

The Three Borders

The Three Borders Landmark is an attraction that has over 400 years of history. The complex’s architecture refers to the Jesuit reductions, and all the area follows this theme....

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