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EcoTourism Destination

If contact with nature is what interests you, in Destino Iguaçu you will find the perfect scenario. Surrounded by the Iguaçu National Park and the Paraná and Iguaçu rivers, Destino is the ideal place for Ecotourism and here are our tips for exploring Ecotourism at Destination Iguaçu.

Start by abandoning all the stress of everyday life, in this script your fun will be tranquility and conviviality with nature. No hurry, rush or worry to access the Iguazu National Park, choose one of the options offered that put you in the heart of the Atlantic Forest. They can be: Trilha das Bananeiras, Trilha do Poço Preto or Macuco Safari. We suggest starting by immersing in nature and the Black Well is one of the most complete options. In it the visitor can spend a morning or an afternoon traveling the interior of the Iguassu Forest, in contact with the local fauna and flora. Maybe you don't find an ounce?

You can take the main route in a variety of ways, including using an electric-powered cart, suitable for the least physically prepared, but if you want to explore further, our options are cycling or walking. This will give you a better view of all the fauna and flora of Brazil's first Conservation Unit to be established as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At the end of the trail a stop at an observation tower, sailing and dowing paddles on the upper Iguazu River.

The tour ends at Macuco Safari's reception center, where another adventure is about to begin. If you've sailed the top of the Iguazu River, it's time to get to know one of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, the Iguazu Falls. With boats that challenge the Iguaçu rapids, get ready to wash your soul with a bath on one of the 275+ falls of the Falls.

As we have already said, Ecotourism is part of the characteristics of the Destination, and for animal lovers there are also bird watching tours. Several agencies offer birdwatching with expert guides who are knowledgeable of the best viewing points. This tour is usually done in Brazil and Argentina. A good time to enjoy the fauna of the region.

For those who are not so specialized in birdwatching, or for those who are and who want to have contact with a greater diversity of species, Parque das Aves offers a walk where the visitor discovers the characteristics and routine of hundreds of birds. The park is a sanctuary created to assist rescued birds from unlicensed traffickers and breeders. It carries out a series of activities to assist in the recovery, treatment and even reproduction of species, some even endangered. The walk is very beautiful and allows you to get very close to these animals, as the trail runs through the nurseries internally.

In Itaipu, the plant's Tourist Complex also offers a nature-oriented tour. The Bela Vista Biological Refuge presents some species rescued in the dam reservoir formation. These animals receive the full care of a specialized team and have already become a reference in the reproduction of various animals.

These are some of the options of Ecotourism in Destination Iguazu, of course for your tour to be complete, you can mix the activities with some shopping in the three countries, travel the gastronomy of the region, enjoy tango and Latin American shows and even play in casinos. our neighbors. The option is not lacking. Choose yours and welcome to Destination Iguaçu.

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