What To Pack

Choosing what to do in Foz do Iguaçu, with so many activities, is no easy task. It makes you want to do everything. The organization in the script is essential to make the most of our Destination. After your chosen tours and set schedule, it's time to decide what to pack. And Visite Iguaçu will help you pack a suitcase for this time of year, when the cold starts to appear.


Here in Foz do Iguaçu, many tours are made in the open and in constant contact with nature, as in the Iguazu Falls and the trails within the National Park. That is why it is important to come prepared for all occasions.

With average temperatures of 20 ° C during the day and nights, sometimes at 12 ° C, cool clothes such as sweats and trousers are indispensable items. Remember, you will be in a place that will give you great contact with nature with adventure tours.

In addition to the basic items, it is essential to bring repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses. Trails within the woods and long sun exposure for most of the walks will ask for these items.

Light clothing for the walks is also a good choice. Bring a change of clothes with you to change after Macuco Safari, Aguaray or Iguassu Secret Falls, for example. Swimsuits, flip flops and a towel are interesting options as we will get wet in these places.

Closed and comfortable shoes should be part of the items. The walks will be present in many walks here in the Destination.

As the nights this season will be colder, jackets will be welcome and probably well worn. You can take beautiful pictures at night in the restaurants, and make a charm for relatives and friends who didn't want to come along. Speaking of recording the moments, don't forget to bring a camera or cell phone to capture all the details. A trip like this can't go blank.

Documents are a must on every trip, so always carry them with you. In many attractions, they are asked when buying the ticket, especially if you are Brazilian. To cross to Argentina and Paraguay identification documents such as ID or Passport are required. Unaccompanied minors from one of the guardians need to provide authorization before coming to the Destination for migration procedures.

If you want to make purchases on the card, be sure to enable it for overseas purchases, remember that you will be on the side of two countries.


And most importantly what are you going to take back in the luggage, which are the good memories. Traveling is the best investment we can make in life. Enjoy all the details and make the most of our Destination experience.

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