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The cultural richness of the trinational region reflects the diversity of cultural manifestations. There are urban spaces with murals made by local artists, such as “The Legend of the Falls”, which is located in the Praça da Paz (Foz do Iguaçu), authored by the local plastic artist Miguel Hachen. The 170 square meters work is in a public place, available for visitation. Another interesting point in the city, little known even to the local people, is the statue of São Francisco de Assis, by artist Giovanni Vissotto, which is located on Avenida Mario Filho, in the Morumbi II neighborhood (in front of the Emergency Care Unit - UPA). In the IRS Customs from Brazil's border with Paraguay, there is a monument to Oscar Niemeyer, the most famous Brazilian architect.

In the religious sphere, the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Foz do Iguaçu has specific times for visitation. The built area is 600 m², with an oval room of approximately 400 m². The orientation of the project is given by Mihrab, made on the back wall of the Mosque, which indicates the direction of Mecca. The Buddhist Temple also has interesting aspects to be observed. In addition to the temple, it has three Buddhas, four bodhisattvas, four Heavenly Kings, two enlightened children, and protective lions. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in its turn, contemplates in its project several symbols, such as the access to the church, which is made through three doors, to represent Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The roof is divided into three levels: the first represents the cloak of Mary, the second resembles the stole worn by the priests, and the third level stands at the top of the church and forms a four-leaf clover.

The Itaipu Ecomuseum, besides presenting the historical part of the region and that of the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, organizes exhibitions of national and international artists. To check the program, just go to the website:

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