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Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazú's main activity is the tourism. Large hotel chains have settled in the city, which, in addition to natural attractions, is a reference in Argentine gastronomy and wine tasting. Here are some key words you cannot forget: Argentine wines, chorizo ​​steak, alfajor, cheese, olives and empanadas.
When traveling to the trinational region, you have to set aside at least one night to have dinner in Argentina, eat a chorizo ​​steak with a good wine (and the best of all: wine prices here are super-affordable). The steak is juicy, the meat is top notch. The waiter will ask you if you want "medium rare", well done or rare. Before you order, he will explain to you the different points of the meat. In Argentina there are also delicious pasta options. The Vinotecas have more than 3 thousand wine labels at great prices. Enjoy the trip to taste this liquid of the gods and also buy some bottles. If you are a fan of wine, before the trip write down the prices of Argentine wines you like, or if you have internet, while in the Vinoteca, search for their prices back home. You will be amazed at the wine prices here.
Another attraction of Puerto Iguazu is the “market”. The place is very simple, but has different types of cheeses, olives, empanadas (kind of Argentinian snack), dulce de leche and other snacks.
Important tip: one of the Argentine customs is to extend the lunch break to rest, the so-called “siesta”, which usually goes from noon to four o'clock in the afternoon. Only after that stores are open, until the evening. The Vinotecas are open during that time, but if you want to visit some specific store, check for the opening hours before you go.
Shopping tourism is also a must-see attraction. Next to the bridge that connects Brazil to Argentina, on the way between the two cities, there is the Duty Free Shop, a mall with international and luxury brand options. The most famous items of the place are perfumes, make-up, drinks, sunglasses, chocolates, sneakers and clothes of famous brands. Prices are in US dollars and are generally lower because of the absence of taxes. It is also possible to pay with Brazilian real, Argentine peso or credit card. Duty Free has ample opening hours.

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