Foz do Iguacu


Have you ever thought that on one trip you can visit three countries on the same day? The cities of Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) are very close to each other. That's why it's common to hear the joke: in the trinational region of Iguaçu, you can have breakfast in Brazil, have lunch in Paraguay and have dinner in Argentina!
This joke is actually true and illustrates the many tours and experiences you will have here. Destination Iguassu has attractions for different traveler profiles: family travel, couple travel, travel with friends and travel alone. The tours include different styles of entertainment: eco-adventure, landscapes, shopping tourism, gastronomy, nightlife, resorts, water park, historical and cultural attractions, entertainment and gaming tourism, with casinos in Argentina and Paraguay. The diverse Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentinian attractions merge, making the visit to the trinational region a multicultural experience.
For those who will cross so many borders, your personal documents are essential items to bring in your suitcase.

The taste of gastronomic diversity
You will feel the multiculturalism of Destination Iguassu as you watch people on the street and hear conversations, as the costumes, languages ​​and physical characteristics blend together and form a beautiful diversity that we love to cultivate. But there is something else that you will probably love: the culture that is present in every dining experience. Let's name some culinary relics of the region: barbecue, freshwater fish, chorizo ​​steak, feijoada, chipa, alfajor, ice cream and Arabian sweets. All three cities have specialty restaurants; there are options for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. There are also many options in Japanese, Thai, Italian and German cuisine. Take the opportunity to go to an Arab market and taste the delicious treats or eat one of the best pizzas of your life.

The yerba mate of our drinks
The three countries are also very united because of one plant, the yerba mate (tree of the family of aquifoliaceae), which is the basis for chimarrão (in Brazil), tererê (in Paraguay) and mate (in Argentina). These are drinks widely consumed here. Each country produces mate in its own way. There are differences in cutting, scorching and drying the plant. In Brazil and Argentina, the drink is taken in gourd (cuias) with hot water. In Paraguay, it is served with cold water. It is not common to find chimarrão or tererê in the menus of restaurants or bars. We recommend that you buy the gourd (cuias), the yerba mate and the metal straw (called “bomba” in Brazil and “bombilla” in Argentina) and enjoy the full flavor of the yerba mate.


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