Brazil Falls

From Brazil

What will you definitely see during your tour to see the Falls? Water, nature, butterflies, coatis, birds, rainbows, and views of waterfalls that renew the energies of everyone who passes by!

The most beautiful photo you will have from the trip is here! On the Brazilian side of the Falls you have a panoramic view of the falls. It's beautiful! You will be able to feel the power and energy of nature up close!

There are 1200 meters of trail from the place where the bus parks and tourists start walking to the end of the trail. Here’s a brief description of the trail:

From the Visitor Reception Center, buses depart to the Falls. There are stops for those who are going to do optional tours, which are paid separately, such as Macuco Safari. There are buses leaving all the time. The trail starts in front of the Hotel das Cataratas. But don't worry about the "right" place to go down. The warnings on the buses are very clear, you will hardly get lost. The more steps you take on the trail, the more incredible the landscape gets. The path is all paved and there are only a few stairs. One of the highlights of the tour is crossing the walkway that leads to the “Devil's Throat”, the largest waterfall, which is 82 meters high!

The duration of the visit varies greatly. There are those who make the trail in 1h30 (very fast). The ideal is to enjoy every corner and really contemplate the landscape. Thus, on average, it would take 2h30 to 3 hours, and may be longer, according to the interest of the visitor.

At the end of the trail, there is a statue of Santos Dumont, a Brazilian aeronaut and inventor. He was the one who claimed before the government of Paraná, in 1916, that the falls were to become public property, since, until then, they were private property.

Where to eat

Next to the statue of Santos Dumont, there is the Porto Canoas Restaurant, whose menu offers typical Brazilian cuisine, with 17 types of salads, 10 hot dishes, 3 types of meat and various desserts. Among the delicious options, there is the fish “Dourado Assado”, one of the most characteristic dishes of the region. And on Saturdays, besides the traditional menu, the traditional Brazilian feijoada is served.

Visitors can have lunch before or after the walking on the trail. There are bus stops on the site.

To learn more about prices, times and how to visit the Brazilian side of the Falls, visit the website:

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