From Argentina

From Argentina

How exuberant, how imponent! The energy of nature looked up closely!

Visiting the Falls on the Argentine side is another incredible experience. It takes a little more time, as you can make the entire trip on foot or part of it by train. After arriving at the Visitors Center, you will see the Interpretation Center, a place created for visitors to have a moment of reflection on conservation, concepts of local nature, among others. To arrive at the waterfalls, there are two options: the Ecological Train or the Green Way.

The first option is a rail vehicle. With open and wheelchair-accessible wagons, the train can hold up to 250 passengers and maintains close contact with nature. Transport goes through the Cataratas Station and the Devil's Throat Station. In the first station, the visitor can choose to make the upper circuit. During the walk it is possible to have a vertical view at the height of the falls. If the visitor goes straight to the second station, he or she will walk 1100 meters on a catwalk that runs over the river and will then reach the Devil's Throat.

The second option is a trail through the woods. In it, the visitor can easily walk to the railroad of the Cataratas Station. Throughout the walk you can see, besides vegetation, birds, coatis and monkeys. A unique experience that delights thousands of tourists all year round in an incredible sense of immersion.

Indeed, this is one of the highlights of the Falls on the Argentine side: the proximity of the visitor from the Devil's Throat. It's incredible!

Where to eat

On the Argentine side of the Falls there is a delicious restaurant: a buffet and barbecue (optional) featuring the famous Argentine meats and a variety of hot and cold dishes, as well as a diverse table of artisan desserts. It is also possible to check the national production of wines. The menu is quite diverse. The restaurant is next to the Visitor Reception Center. With this, the visitor can have lunch before or after the trail.

Full Moon Ride

Another amazing way to experience the Argentine Falls experience is the full moon night tour. See more in the “Activities and Adventures” section. If you are in Destination Iguassu on one of these nights, consider yourself lucky. The number of people who do this tour is limited. During this tour you can hear more the “noise of nature”, the animals, the singing of fireflies and the sounds of falls.

Iguazu Falls - Argentina

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