Iguassu Academy

Iguassu Academy

Visit Iguassu has created an online learning platform to promote Destination Iguassu: it is Iguassu Academy, a training that prepares travel agents to know more about the Destination and thus be more prepared in the processes of selling tours. The course is free and offered in 3 languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. The contents are divided into two modules, include a general presentation of the trinational region, which comprises Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), of the attractions, the infrastructure and also present pre-made itineraries of 4, 5 and 7 days. Each student has a study pace, but in general the course can be completed in 1 hour of study, which can be split at different times of the day, as the system saves the activities that were performed.

Remaining draws suspended due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Project will be revised in 2021.

The course is available at: https://iguassuacademy.com/

Find Yourself in Paradise

Right of the edge of Paraguay and Argentina, enjoy the best every country has to offer in Iguassu. See all the beautiful waterfall experiences delivered straight to you.

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