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Support Policy

Destination Iguassu is more than beautiful, it has a unique and diverse infrastructure for holding events of all kinds. To attract more events, Visit Iguassu created the Event Support Policy, allocating actions and resources to capture, promote and hold events. Because here we not only want to bring your event to our destination, we want your event to be a success.

Supported Events:
  • From the 3rd edition
  • Itinerants
  • Technical-Scientific and Corporate
  • Other events will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.
Rating criteria:
  • Synergy with the vocations of Destiny
  • Usual Month of Achievement
  • Number of nights
  • Number of Previous Issues
  • Average Subscription Value
  • Coverage
  • Applicant (maintainer, partner or other companies)
Support actions include:
  • Flight tickets for pickup or inspection visit
  • Accompaniment of our experts in the capture and promotion
  • Production of application dossier
  • Presentation production for application or promotion
  • Production of specialized promotional material
  • Consulting for selection of the ideal place
  • Intermediation with product and service providers
  • Organization of inspection visit (lodging, food and transportation)

Download the full policy: click here

Support Policy

Please include: Please include Year, Place, Number of participants, Percentage of Tourists, Event format, Format, Number of rooms or size, Capacity


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