Planejamento estrategico

Strategic Plan

Visit Iguassu's strategic planning is based on the document “Vision Iguassu”, which gives the guidelines and directs future actions towards the sustainability and success of Destination Iguassu.
This strategic approach is oriented towards the common vision of the Destination and was developed based on community engagement: 60 professionals from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, representing 33 organizations from the tourism industry. In parallel, individual interviews were conducted for the current mapping of the Destination and the construction of its vision of future.

Destination Vision
Iguassu will be a sustainable and must-visit destination, recognized worldwide for invigorating water and nature experiences and for the cultures that live in harmony in three countries.
Based on the vision, the expected results are: industry aligned and engaged; optimized ROI, access; engaged community; infrastructure; investment and product development; Iguassu tourist brand.

Strategic Pillars

  1. Development of the Industry, collaboration and partnerships;
  2. Marketing and brand;
  3. Visitor experience, product development, urbanistic identification;
  4. Infrastructure, transport, access, policy and regulation.